The MAC Hey, Sailor! pro Longwear Lip Pencils: set Sail to the Land of Long-Lasting color

wearing MAC Hey, Sailor! pro Longwear Lip Pencil in shore leave with Lipglass in evolution Revolution

When the long-lasting MAC pro Longwear Lip Pencils came out last fall, I was floored. Gerçekten. Blown clear out of my socks! Bilinçsiz! Zonked out on the floor! That’s how good I thought they were.


I even started having relationship problems…which is to say that I’d had a number of long-standing relationships with several MAC lip pencils at the time, but when the pro Longwears appeared, I starting comparing all of them to the Longwears and clamoring for MAC to “hurry up and convert Subculture and [INSERT YOUR favorite MAC LIP PENCILS HERE] to the pro Longwear Lip Pencil formulation already!”

I’m still committed to my dependable MAC Lip Pencil colors (shoot, Spice, Chestnut and I have been together longer than I’ve known El Hub!), but the pro Longwears? — just as fab. give one of them a try before your next secret smooch-fest with that cutie who works in IT (shh, your secret is safe with me). I tell ya — it will not budge! Or dry out your lips, for that matter.

The MAC Hey, Sailor! pro Longwear Lip Pencils from the left: throw Me a Line, shore Leave and Saunter


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I love the Longwear Lip Pencils to pieces, so when MAC included three shades in the new Hey, Sailor! collection, I thought, “Ahoy, matey!” beni kaydet.

Karaya çıkma izni
Of these three, hands down, coral shore Leave excites me the most. I think it’s just so…uncharacteristically electric for a coral pencil shade and brighter than they typically are (think South beach in the summertime — all flowing caftans, bronzed bods, Ray Bans and wet, slicked-back hair).

The color borrows a page from to MAC Costa elegant but cranks up the brightness and changes the finish from a frost to a cream.

I love wearing it with coral glosses (like two of my faves, evolution revolution Lipglass and Confetti Plushglass).
MAKEUP and charm blog RATING: A

Throw Me a Line
If the MAC pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Kiss Me quick is already a staple color in your makeup bag, you might be wondering, “Do I really need throw Me a Line?”

Well, that depends. how committed are you to your reds, and do you notice even the smallest differences between shades? throw Me a Line seems warmer, brighter and a little much more orange to me than Kiss Me Quick.

If you’re not the type to fuss over fine differences or just want to keep your collection compact and streamlined, Kiss Me quick ought to do you just fine.

But wait — before you decide, picture Kiss Me quick with Hey, Sailor! send Me Sailing Lipglass and/or Red Racer Lipstick.

Might help you decide.
MAKEUP and charm blog RATING: A

Truth be told, the third shade here, pale nude beige Saunter, scares me silly. before I tried it on, I thought I might be able to pull it off, thinking it would look a lot like In Sync Lip Pencil (which I LOVE!), but it might be just a touch too light for me and my NC42 skin.

Pale princesses who like the way they look in warm, pale beige shades ought to have better luck (oh! — try a layer below Orange Tempera, by the way).
Makyaj ve Charm Blog Puanı: B

Swatches from the left: throw Me a Line, Kiss Me Quick, shore Leave, Costa Chic, Saunter, In Synch

Saunter with Orange Tempera

Throw Me a Line with Red Racer Lipstick and send Me Sailing Lipglass

Working it out

Last night I went running for the first time in a week, and talk about an exercise (pardon the pun) in willpower! I was exhausted from the day, and running was last thing I wanted to do, but I managed to make it through a few slow miles. small victories…

One of the reasons I like running is to just let my mind wander. There’s something about the repetitive thud, thud, thud of my feet that’s unwinding in a sweaty, in some cases uncomfortably way, LOL!

Somewhere between miles three and four, I had a revelation. Granted, I was crazy with endorphins at the time. I think I might want to attempt a (mini) triathlon this summer…


Senden ne haber? Do you have any workout goals you’re working toward?

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