Makyaj ve Güzellik Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 358

The makeup and beauty blog Monday Poll for February 2, 2015
Merak ediyor olabilirsiniz, “Öyleyse, bu mazmada bu pazartesi anket anketi neyse!?”?

Peki, tam olarak bir anket değil. Sürekli gelişen (gelişen, gelişen), biraz rastgele bir soru listesi, her pazartesi sabahı son yedi yıldır okurlara koyduğum bir soru listesi. (Beyniniz için bir vuruş gibidir.) Yorumlardaki cevaplarınızı okumaktan her zaman zevk aldım ve umarım benimkini okumaktan zevk alırsınız.

Do you belong to any of those beauty subscription services (Birchbox, Glossybox, Julep Maven, etc.)?
Alas, no. but you’d think I would, me being the beauty junkie I am.

It’s just…I’m kind of uncomfortable with the element of randomness. I know I wouldn’t use 99% of the things in there, and I need to have control over the situation… It’s an issue.

Do you ever stop to compliment strangers on their makeup?
EVET! and I think it really freaks them out, especially the guys, but with guys it’s usually just brows.

The last time it happened, El Hub and I were at the movies. A young man was ringing up my popcorn, and I was staring at his eyebrows, which were really full and lush-looking and perfect, so I said, “Dude, your brows are kinda killer,” and he stopped and sort of laughed and was like, “Thanks, I got them waxed at benefit today.”

El Hub was mortified, but I couldn’t resist. The kid’s brows were amazing!

Bowl cut or mullet?
Oh, gosh… Well, if I have to pick one, I suppose I’ll go with the bowl cut, because at least that way my hair will move with me when I whip my head around, and I like that idea. and it would also accentuate my blush and contouring, if I did some.

No hats either. I mean, if you have a bowl cut, you have to show it off. That’s the rules.

Have you ever given your pets a Valentine’s Day gift or card?
I’m almost ashamed to say this, but I don’t think I have; however, Tabs has given cards to El Hub to show his love and appreciation.

But for me to get a card from Tabs, it would have to mean that El Hub got the card on his behalf, which has yet to happen.

How’s your comedic timing?
Well, my life is a comedy of errors, so I think it’s pretty good!

No, really, I think it’s decent.


Senin sıran. Aşağıdaki soruları yalnızca cevaplarınızla bir yoruma kopyalayıp yapıştırın. Onları okumayı dört gözle bekliyorum!

1. Do you belong to any of those beauty subscription services (Birchbox, Glossybox, Julep Maven, etc.)?
2. Do you ever stop and compliment strangers on their makeup?
3. bowl cut or mullet?
4. have you ever given your pets a Valentine’s Day gift or card?
5. How’s your comedic timing?


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

Ugh, I have weekend hangover…

Not because we partied hardy or anything, but I had such a fun, relaxing weekend, and I’m a little sad to see it go.

But that doesn’t mean today can’t also be good.


Whatever you’re up to, I hope things are going well and that your nails aren’t chipped.

Dost canlısı mahalle güzellik bağımlısı,


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