MAC Unsung Heroes: speak Louder Cremesheen Lipstick

Let’s say you’ve already squirreled away some of MAC’s classic pink lipsticks (like girl about Town) but still feel the urge to wear a slightly different pink this spring. Ne yaparsın?

I’m glad you asked! I might have just the thing.


MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in speak Louder ($14.50) does pink by way of blue. part of the permanent collection, it’s a blue-based pink lipstick with hints of reddish orange.

It’s bright, for sure, but the poppy/reddish-orange undertones dial it back a bit, at least compared to full-tilt fuchsias and pinks like Impassioned, or force of Love, from the new Chenman collection.

For me, that makes it a little easier to wear than many of its punchier pink counterparts.


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

Speak Louder and I hadn’t been on a play date in a while when I pulled it out after my chat with Bobbi brown last week. On the call, Bobbi suggested swapping spring’s bolder neon lip colors for something a little quieter (but far from silent), like a bright pink lipstick, as opposed to a straight-up neon or fuchsia shade, and then pairing those lips with minimal makeup on the face, eyes and cheeks.

Speak Louder could be perfect for something like that.

For a light whisper of semi-transparent color, like a creamy stain, I’ll just dab the tube on my lips. but when I want my lips to speak LOUDER (sorry, couldn’t resist), I’ll apply a layer, blot with a tissue, and then slick on a second, intensifying layer.

Maybe it’s the makeup talking, but I keep seeing myself Speak-ing Louder at a barbecue this spring… It could be my go-to barbecue gal.

I can see it now… Me, wearing speak Louder and a loose springy dress, sitting in a lawn chair with a glass of iced tea in one hand, and my copy of The Hunger games in the other.

I haven’t completely sprung forward yet…

I don’t know about this whole Daylight savings thing. I know it’s just a one-hour change, but I still feel a little off. I even had trouble falling asleep last night, and when my alarm went off this morning (technically, an hour earlier than usual), my body was like, “Oh, hell no, hookah!”

Needless to say, exercise was not the first thing on my mind, but Jillian Michaels kicked me into gear. I finally got around to trying her 6 Week Six-Pack Abs DVD, and WHOA! – vay.


Jillian’s workouts are never easy for me (experience the sweet, sweet pain of her Banish Fat, boost Metabolism DVD), but this one was brutal. It’s probably worse if you, like me, 1) have absolutely no core strength and 2) have a cat that keeps lying down on your yoga mat.

Dost canlısı mahalle güzellik bağımlısı,


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