It Takes One or two to Tango with Bobbi Brown’s new chocolate & Gold Eye combination

Y’all want this celebration started, right?
Y’all want this celebration started quickly, right?

— C+C music Factory

Bobbi brown sure understands exactly how to throw a holiday party. Her most current soirée features four entertaining colors as well as two of my preferred things: chocolate as well as gold.

Today the restricted edition $45 chocolate & Gold Eye paint Palette, one of two quads in Bobbi’s new celebration Collection, took me on a stroll down memory lane that started with this traditional home hit…


WARNING: It’s always a great concept to stretch before dancing to this song

Chocolate & Gold occurs to be a excellent dance partner! The shadows, while magnificent on their own, get along excellent with others as well as flat-out like to be layered.

Which reminds me — do you keep in mind the moment you realized that you might wear a lot more than one eyeshadow on your lids at a time? much better yet, when you figured out that you might even layer those shades together?


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

Bırak! That’s a moment that altered my makeup world forever.

Flash ahead to today. I was just deceiving around this morning when I used the bronzy gold from the chocolate & Gold combination (at the top in the photo below) on top of the darker black as well as gold shadow on the right.

I like exactly how it turned out.

Layering colors is a excellent method to produce some great effects, like smokey shifts as well as gradients, as well as an simple method to upgrade your makeup game. Plus, it’s just great old fashioned fun to smudge colors together, if for no much better reason than to see what happens.

Today I ended up with a soft as well as shimmery brown, black as well as gold gradient.

Ooh, glitter…

Despite the huge honkin’ shine grains in these shadows, the powders stay surprisingly fluffy and, consequently, a bit tough (for me) to control, so I utilized a flat, firm eyeshadow clean today to press the powders into my skin.

To mellow out each of the colors, blur them together as well as smoothly shift from one shade to the next, I mixed out the edges between the shades with a fluffy, domed eyeshadow brush.

What a fun quad! — as well as it would be even a lot more fun at $35. just make sure you have a couple of clean choices on hand to prevent getting shine around your cheeks.

PRICE: $45
Müsaitlik: Şimdi Bobbi Brown Sayaçları’nda ve aynı şekilde çevrimiçi olarak sunulur.
Makyajın yanı sıra çekicilik derecesi: B +

I’m calling the complying with picture, “Cranky Tabby as well as woman with Linebacker Shoulders.”

It’s not precisely my preferred photo of myself (not my finest angle, LOL!), however I couldn’t withstand publishing it since of Tabs’ cranky expression.

At the time I believed he was napping in his feline tower; I had no concept he was ideal behind me!

Apparently, he just couldn’t accept being out of the shot…

Yup, such is life when you live/work with a feline diva.


Dost canlısı topluluk temyiz bağımlısı,


P.S. I hope you’re having a great Tuesday so far. Did you do anything fun with your makeup today? What are you using on your eyes?

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