Getting Gritty, glossy as well as Grunge With MAC studio Eye Gloss

getting grunge with MAC studio Eye Gloss in Noticeably Noir as well as Medoc
Do you ever want to pull out all of your makeup as well as do an eye look that you would otherwise never wear? This adult “play time” — I constantly crave it. Sürekli. as well as lately I’ve been toying with the concept of a 100% black smoky eye.

This neutral-loving woman has almost always approached smoke safely, seldom venturing out into the deeper end of her metropolitan Decay naked palettes…


Aaand then the MAC studio Eye Glosses happened, as well as I might no longer withstand my wish to experiment.

I mean, enjoying makeup play time is a difficult job, however someone’s gotta do it, right? In the rate of interest of makeup experimentation, I believe I’m as much as the task.

(Left to Right): MAC studio Eye Gloss in lightly Tauped, Honey Money, Medoc as well as Noticeably Noir
I can’t assist however notice that the MAC studio Eye Glosses don’t always get the very best reviews…but I believe they’re a runway makeup artist’s dream. They’re likewise temperamental as well as need some patience, just like an costly sports car. The eye gloss pattern definitely falls more into the editorial/runway makeup classification than the daily makeup enthusiast classification that most makeup enthusiasts are comfortable with.


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

They are available in a carefully curated range of colors ($22 each) meant to truly amplify your eye looks with a new texture, rather than a new shadow finish.

(Left to Right): MAC studio Eye Gloss in lightly Tauped, Honey Money, Medoc as well as Noticeably Noir

I couldn’t wait to get my greedy bit paws into these beautiful, shimmering gel pots, as well as the very first thing I noticed when I did was their texture. I expected something more along the lines of a gritty lip balm…but they have a smooth consistency, more along the lines of an emollient glue stick.

Don’t let that description fool you, though. I was concerned that when I used these, my lids would feel “stuck” when I tried to open my eyes, however that didn’t happen. My lids looked glossy as well as felt surprisingly comfortable.

Lightly Tauped, a light beige gloss with pearl, is precisely the type of shade that I like to wear in lip glosses to top off other more matte shades.

And assumption what? These likewise work the exact same method on top of lipsticks, just like a gloss. I may even wear this beauty on my lips all on its own!

Honey Money, a true yellow gold metallic glitter, looks absolutely gorgeous when layered over foiled gold eye shadow for a blindingly bright, incredibly reflective metallic eye.

Seductively gorgeous Medoc is a deep blackened burgundy that shows ruby (ooh!). I believe it’s lovely on its own, however it likewise pairs completely with Noticeably Noir, a black with multicolored glitter.

MAC studio Eye Gloss in lightly Tauped
MAC studio Eye Gloss in Honey Money
MAC studio Eye Gloss in Medoc
MAC studio Eye Gloss in Noticeably Noir
To state that I’ve had fun playing with these would be an understatement. For this look, I started with my reliable MAC Painterly paint Pot, topped it with my preferred matte black shadow, produced the shape I desired with a blending clean as well as a neutral brown shadow, as well as then piled on MAC studio Eye Gloss with my fingertips. Then, to keep the look dark, I patted Noticeably Noir as much as as well as just somewhat above my crease as well as tapped Medoc toward the center of my eye for added dimension.

Getting grunge with MAC studio Eye Gloss in Noticeably Noir as well as Medoc


Did this wear well? No…not in the traditional sense. You can see in the photos that the Eye Gloss produces a lived-in editorial look that creases as well as shines.

And assumption what? It’s supposed to look that way. You won’t see a unfavorable evaluation from this gal since MAC studio Eye Gloss delivers on its promises as well as looks glossy as well as grunge chic. I see myself using it for nights on the town but, reality be told, I might quickly be persuaded to wear it grocery shopping.

This experimental makeup enthusiast wishes to know: would you try a lived-in, glossy, grunge-inspired eye? as well as where do you stand on the eye gloss trend?

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