Chisel Those Cheeks! Contouring Made simple With the new NARS Contour Blushes

using (and holding) the new NARS Contour blush in Paloma
I don’t want to divulge as well much, since I like being mysterious, as well as I want RyGos to continue believing that I get up with these chiseled cheekbones (Haha! Not). much better to have him believe they were sculpted by Michelangelo than have him understand they were really contoured by NARS.

I mean, you already understand so many of my tricks — what’s one more? Like, you understand that I hide a mini Babybel Cheese in my handbag (because you never understand when the desire to eat a little cheese wheel will hit you. #imjustsaying). You understand that I like Bravo. You understand that I am consumed with makeup, Trader Joe’s as well as cats. You likewise understand that one of my legs is somewhat longer than the other.


Wait — you didn’t understand that? Oops, I believed you did.

I assumption what I’m trying to state is this: being as exactly how you already understand so much about me, what’s a bit covert contouring talk between friends?

The trick to the chiseled cheeks I’m currently sporting is the new NARS Contour blush in Paloma, one of three $42 contouring powder blush duos just recently added to the long-term line.


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42 $

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Um…is that cheese in your purse?
Each of the duos has — no surprise right here — two shades, one darker than the other. The darker shade is utilized to define as well as add depth to the face, while the lighter shades is utilized for highlights.

Paloma, the one I wear, is the middle-of-the-road option.

The new NARS Contour Blushes ($42 each)
Olympia, the lightest of the three duos, has an ivory as well as a rose; Paloma, a pinkish beige as well as a deep rose; as well as Gienah, the darkest duo, homes a honey as well as an amber.

NARS Contour blush in Olympia

NARS Contour blush in Paloma
NARS Contour blush in Gienah
Like the MAC pro shaping as well as Shaping Powders, they’re designed to shape as well as contour, as well as have a likewise smooth structure (not patchy at all), finely-milled powders as well as a soft sheen.

Initially, I was a bit freaked out by the strong pink, increased as well as beige tones among these NARS duos as well as thought, “Are these only going to work well on cool-toned skin?” however nope, that’s not a problem.

I feared that the pinkish beige as well as increased tones in Paloma would go grayish on me as well as my warm skin tone, as well as they do — if I stack on as well much — however as long as I stay with utilizing a few light layers, I can quickly sculpt as well as shape.

Olympia Swatch
Paloma Swatch
Gienah Swatch
You may have to utilize a few layers, depending upon exactly how deeply cut you want your contour, since these powders are on the sheer side — which isn’t a poor thing, mind you. I really believe it’s quite genius. It makes them simple to manage as well as virtually goof-proof. In my experience, it’s much easier (and even quicker) to develop up sheer layers of contour color, as opposed to starting with something darker as well as trying to buff it down.

Buuuut, even if you do occur to over-apply one of these Contour Blushes — no worries. The buttery formula is simple to blend out.

As far as the finish, it appears matte in swatches, however I do see a hint of sheen on my face, which I believe is nice. It seems genuine as well as natural.

I utilized to believe that contouring would add tons of additional time to my routine, however it doesn’t. Tam olarak değil. however my type of contouring isn’t excessively carved out.

Before applying NARS Contour blush in Paloma on the left, as well as after on the right
To apply these, I tons an angled deal with clean with one of the darker shades, then swipe it beneath my cheekbones, along my hairline, down the sides of my nose as well as along my jawline. Then, with the exact same brush, I apply the lighter shade on my upper cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose as well as on my Cupid’s bow, completing with a dusting of whatever blush I occur to be using on the apples of my cheeks.

As long as I’m not foolin’ around (which, actually, does occur often), I can knock out a quickie contour in 2-3 minutes.

Paloma with a bit of NARS Orgasm blush on top


That’s what I like finest about these Contour Blushes — they’re user-friendly. It makes them perfect for novices as well as others thinking about light contouring. just be a bit cautious not to over-apply if you have warm skin tone like mine.

PRICE: $42 each
AVAILABILITY: offered now at NARS shops as well as coming April 1 to NARS counters (also coming soon to
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: A-

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