April Showers Bring make up For ever flowers like the new Uplight face Luminizer and Aqua Liners: Coming soon

beauty confession: I haven’t been drinking enough water this week. I usually try to drink at least 64 oz. a day because — well, you know why. It’s good for your health, and I also think my skin looks plumper, with fewer dry patches, when I’m drinking enough.

The problem is that I’ve been extra lazy lately, and even the effort it takes to raise the bottle to my lips has been more effort than I can spare. Lame, I know.


I hope these two new product lines from make up For ever encourage me to get my H2O on again and WAKE ME UP like a splash of cold water in the face. Both of them have something to do with agua.

Uplight face Luminizer Gels ($29 each)

The new Uplight face Luminizers are lightweight gel highlighters that contain more than 70% water. available now at sephora.com (although they won’t arrive on shelves until April), they’re oil-free, and make up For ever says the high water content enables them to melt right into the skin.

They’re supposed to be multi-talented (like Broadway stars). apply them alone to highlight specific areas, like your eyelids, lips and cheeks, or mix them with foundation or cream blush to make your full face glow. MUFE says they even work on collar bones, yo.


Kediler ve Makyaj Sweatshirt ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

Among the colors, there are three different finishes — Dewy, Pearly and Sparkling. The Dewy and Pearly ones contain MUFE’s star Powder for a bold, iridescent effect; the ones in Sparkling contain MUFE diamond Powder for softer shimmer.

Since my skin naturally looks duller than it did way back in the day, light-reflecting products have become staples in my daily routine. That means I hope these work.

Right now I’ve got my heart set on #12 Dewy golden Warm, which looks to me like a warm version of MAC Strobe? olabilir mi? İSTEMEK!

Aqua Liners ($23 each)

This collection of 15 waterproof, pigmented liquid eyeliners in matte, iridescent and diamond finishes won’t be available until may 12. They’re designed to apply evenly, dry quickly and last all day and night, and MUFE says they don’t just resist water, like at the pool, but they’re also sweat-, tear- and inclement weather-proof, too.

Make Up For ever artist used the Aqua Liners at last year’sMercedes Benz fashion Week: Swim shows

The secret to their allegedly awesome resistance to water is something called acrylic copolymer, a hydrophoic macromolecule…

Doesn’t that sound cool? I think that’s the idea. It’s supposed to sound cool, but it’s also supposed to form a water-resistant, flexible film, and make up For ever claims they used more of these fancy polymers than eyeliners usually do.

The Aqua Liners: 15 colors (yep, they skipped #2)

#1 — diamond Gold

#3 — Iridescent emerald Green

#4 — diamond Lagoon Green

#5 — diamond Turquoise Blue

#6 — Iridescent Navy Blue

#7 — diamond Black Purple

#8 — Iridescent electric Purple

#9 — Iridescent Fuchsia

#10 — Iridescent Red

#11 — diamond Burgundy

#12 — mat Mocha

#13 — mat Black

#14 — diamond Multicolor Black

#15 — Iridescent Anthracite

#16 — diamond White

Since, I’m liquid liner challenged, these are gonna have to be user friendly (please!) for me to proficiently use, but the bold-looking colors sure are driving me wild.

Especially that Turquoise Blue…

Can I subscribe?

In other news, I’m going to come clean about something now, and it’s a little embarrassing. You see, I am totally addicted to magazines.

My mom started me on them when I was young. Back then it was Highlights for children (remember Goofus and Gallant?), and it’s been all downhill from there, LOL!

I love every time a new glossy arrives in the mail. It makes the grocery store flyers and pre-approved credit card offers considerably less annoying.


One of my favorite rituals takes place every Saturday morning on the couch, where I sit with a big stack of magazines, a huge grin and a hot cup of coffee or tea. Ahh…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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