Why Maybelline’s $4.99 fit Me blush in Light rose will have You Blushing

For gals who love the look of barely-there blush, there’s Maybelline’s fit Me blush in Light rose ($4.99)
3 things I brought home with me from Kauai…

Angry red mosquito bites. AMAN TANRIM! SO ITCHY! The skeeters came out in force whenever the trade winds subsided.

A tan, despite regularly slathering myself with SPF 55.

A pair of skinny jeans that had previously fit me better before the trip…

Yeah, I may have gone a little overboard with the french fries. and the shave ice. and the ice cream. ve –

Whatev! Tatildeydim.


But now that I’m back, I want to get fit, like this blush by Maybelline.

It’s called fit Me blush in Light Rose… get it? bana uygun? Yerleştirmek?

Afedersiniz! Weak pun. I’m still a little jet-lagged.


Kediler ve Makyaj Kazak ??

42 $

Şimdi satın al

Maybelline’s fit Me blush in Light rose ($4.99)
Every time I see the word “Fit” on this sheer matte neutral pink blush’s cover it reminds me that I should probably go for a run to start working off all of those bowls of saimin I had (it’s a noodle soup like ramen, only taken to the next level with lots of delicious toppings).

Along with acting as a gentle reminder to get my butt moving, the blush also leaves my cheeks with the same soft pink post-workout flush I get after sprinting through the finish of a 30-minute treadmill sesh…except without the heavy breathing and perspiration.

By comparison, it’s effortless.

When all I want is a basic pink flush — something that won’t compete with my eye or lip makeup — Light rose hits the spot.

Like Maybellinne’s other fit Me Blushes, it’s very sheer, so if you grab it expecting NARS-caliber color, you might be disappointed. I really have to build it up in layers to see the color clearly on my skin.

Three layers of Light Rose

For these pics, I applied four and had to touch up every 5-6 hours. That might sound like a lot of work, I know, but because the color is so sheer, I barely have to spend any time blending and buffing out the edges. I don’t mind the effort because I like the natural way it looks and that it costs a penny less than $5.

Wearing Light rose on my cheeks, Giorgio Armani’s Scarabeo Eyeshadows on my eyes and hourglass Nectar Gloss on my lips
Oh, and shout-out to pale gal pals — y’all should be able to rock Light rose without fear of it looking contrast-y on your skin.


A basic matte light pink blush that costs less than a fancy coffee? might be something to consider the next time you’re bopping around a drugstore or Ulta.

PRICE: $4.99
AVAILABILITY: available now at drugstores, Ulta and online
MAKEUP and beauty blog RATING: B+ (effortless and easy, but it may be too sheer for some)

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