Skincare for the changing Seasons: 5 home Remedies for Puffy Eyes

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’round these parts, the holidays are all about the four F’s — food, fun, pals and family — but there’s a fifth F, a special holiday F, and it’s rarely talked about in polite company.



The holidays — gotta love ’em. Beni Yanlış Anlamayın: Yılın bu saatini beslerim, ancak bize stresli hissetmeyi bırakabilecek olan talepleri veriyor.

Her zaman aile buluşmalarını dört gözle bekliyorum. Çoğunlukla herkes geçinir, ancak her ailenin anları vardır. Öyleyse çok fazla insanın öylesine öyle ki, aynı çatı kapsamında bir düdüklü tencere gibi hissetmeye başlayabilir ve birisi ağlıyorsa, normalde benim.

I’ve sobbed before, during and after lots of family feasts. Ah, the joys of being an overly sensitive soul…

Yine de gözyaşlarına bile her zaman bir gümüş astarı vardır. Şimdi, kabarık gözlerle uğraşmak için oldukça saygın bir fikir ve püf noktaları var ve birçoğunun zaten evin etrafında olabileceğiniz ürünleri kullanarak çok az paraya kadar yapılmaz.


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1. An oldie but a goodie

Ah, the time-honored cold compress… Simple, effective and soothing, and one of my favorite fast ways to minimize swelling around the eyes.

I wet a washcloth or a small towel, wring it out, and place it in the fridge or freezer for 10 minutes to get it great and cold. Then, I close my eyes, place the cloth across my lids, and chill out somewhere comfy for a while. The amazing compress constricts the blood vessels in the area to reduce the puffiness ideal away (within a few minutes).

2. Spoon, man

I picked up this trick from my granny, one of the most elegant ladies at senior bingo night, and a pre-World war II appeal pageant queen. chill four teaspoons in the fridge (I feel that the freezer makes the spoons too cold); when they’re great and cold, remove two of them, and place them curved side down on your eyes. When the spoons don’t feel cold anymore, put those two back in the fridge, and replace them with the second pair. Repeat until you’re de-puffed!

3. Make time for tea

El Hub once told me that if he ever becomes a rap megastar, as unlikely as that is, he would like to be called “Old dirty Tea Bag,” but I digress…

Black tea bags (with caffeine) consist of tannins which can be valuable for puffy eyes, while the caffeine constricts dilated capillaries to whisk the puff away. I normally squeeze a lot of of the liquid from the bags so that it doesn’t drip down my neck, and then I chill them in the fridge, and place one on each eye.

Sometimes I also use herbal tea bags (without caffeine), and I think they also work pretty well.

4. cut the cucumbers

I always feel a little silly when I wear a salad on my eyes, but dagnabbit if sliced cucumbers aren’t one of the best ways to pacify puffy eyes.

Cucumbers consist of a natural astringent and have a high water content. When chilled, that water keeps them cold longer. I like to use several thin slices on each eye, rather than one thick slice, and mold them into the shape I want.

I also think they smell so refreshing and soothing…and when I’m done (as long as I’m not wearing any makeup), instant snack!

5. Latch on liquid liner

One of my favorite tricks! this one came about after a mini-nervous breakdown I had a few years back.

After I de-puff, I like to apply a thick cat line along my upper lash line. It doesn’t actually minimize swelling, but I think it does draw attention away from it.


Finish with a bit of concealer and mascara, and you’re ready again to face the day.

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